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History. 2013-11-26 02:29.


Wheelchair rugby started in Winnipeg , Canada in 1977 as sports alternative for people with severe spinal injuries . Thus, a group of quadriplegic people developed a very competitive model that allowed active participation in sports that was initially called " Murderball " , which aroused the interest of the public.

The essence of competitive wheelchair rugby generated an enthusiastic response from the public and practitioner audiences. In 1979 the first national championship was held in Canada in 1981 and the first team was formed in the United States.  Then these two teams conducted the first international match in 1982.

This accelerated development quickly spread  to other countries mainly in Europe , and in 1989 a match between Team USA and TeamGreat Britain was conducted. By the year 1990, Wheelchair Rugby was introduced as a demonstration sport at the World Wheelchair Games in 1994 and it was recognized by the International Paralympic Committee.

The following year the first World Wheelchair Rugby Championships was held in Switzerland. It was included in the Paralympic Games as a demonstration sport in Atlanta n 1996. It was officially included in the program of competitions at the Paralympic Games  in Sydney in 2000.