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Latin America

Latin America. 2013-11-26 19:08.


Wheelchair Rugby has experienced a rapid pace in recent years in Latin America. Brazil currently has 12 teams and in 2008 it held the first national championship. Argentina , has a group in Buenos Aires and its development has been closely linked with that of conventional rugby, the third largest sport in the country after football and basketball . Colombia currently has one team in Bogota and one in Medellin . In Mexico it is developing and important efforts have been made so the country gets a national team .

Important competitive events between national teams have been held across the continent. The first of these events was the Maximus -Bogotá 2008 championship which brought delegations of the United States, Canada, Argentina , Brazil, and two national teams to Colombia . The excellent results in organization and the high technical level of the event marked an important milestone in the continental development of the sport. Thus, since this initiative, the tradition of an annual event was started. The second version was held in 2009 in Rio de Janeiro with the presence of delegations from Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, the United States and Great Britain. In 2010 the event was held in Mexico City with the participation of the United States, Canada, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.