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What is it?

What is it?. 2013-11-18 13:05.


Maximus Project is a development program to promote peace, empowerment and social inclusion for people with disabilities in South America, through social networking and sports activities that improve their quality of life. Argentina , Brazil and Colombia which have experience with these type of sports help other South American cities located in Ecuador , Peru , Bolivia , Chile , Uruguay and Paraguay with their tournaments .

The program supports the development of Wheelchair Rugby and recreational, sports and cultural activities as strategies that enable the participation of athletes with severe disabilities at a highly competitive discipline. It also promotes joint participation of men and women in the same competitive environment, minimizing the gender barriers and strengthening the competitive level of the participating countries.

The project includes the organization of two regional championships and tournaments Maximus V and Maximus VI as well as training programs for participants. This way we generate leadership processes in the areas of health, welfare, empowerment, rights and disability , among others , in each of the cities intervened .

The whole process will be disseminated through a new communication strategy. The ultimate goal is to contribute to changing the social perception of disability, including expanding scenarios which promote social inclusion.